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There’s more to your horse than meets the eye

We’re passionate about horses. We think you are too. Uncover everything about them – their traits, their quirks, and yes, all their DNA

VGnome, the all-in-one genomic solution
Elevate health, welfare, and performance

With your horse’s whole genome, all of its DNA, VGnome gives you breed-specific insights for health, performance, traits, even ancestry, and much more.

We analyze all your horse’s DNA and keep you updated with new discoveries about your horse’s genes. You’ll always be in the know with one simple test.

Saddle up. Your horse’s whole genome awaits
Choose your breed

Arabian VGnome


Journey deep into ancestry ​
Distinguished DNA​
Eradicate disease ​
Conserve the breed

Thoroughbred VGnome

All about performance​
Yearling selection​
Breeding matches​

Anglo-Arabian VGnome

The only Anglo-Arabian test​
Elite endurance​
Unlimited potential​
Two unique heritages

Arabian Ancestry

The story continues

For the first time, journey into your Arabians ancestral past

Harnessing the DNA of different Arabian strains

While conserving the breed’s authenticity

Anglo-Arabian Heritage

A tale of two breeds

Thoroughbred speed or Arabian endurance?

Unearth the athletic inheritance of your Anglo-Arabian

For racing, sports, or distance events

Thoroughbred Inheritance

Go beyond pedigree​

True inbreeding score

Powered by whole genomic sequencing 

Elevate buying, training, and breeding


A custom genomic service for owners, breeders, trainers, and bloodstock agents for your farm, stable, and stock
Tailored to any breed

Precision breeding for traits​
Buying & selecting yearlings and older horses​
Specific performance enhancements or weaknesses​
Disease and injury discovery​
Bloodline conservation and heritage​
Color matching​
Or any other specific requirement​

Why test anywhere else?

Don’t settle for a handful of disease markers
Get those and much more

The VGnome

Standard DNA Testing

Standard DNA results offered by other companies

Breed association disease testing

Whole genome testing – all the DNA of your horses


Breed specific testing & recommendations


Ancestry genomics


Advanced and unique performance markers


Updated markers as soon they are discovered


One test for the entirety of your horse’s life


World-leading genomics expertise


Stable-wide tailor-made analytics & discovery for your horses


Not your standard DNA test
The world’s only whole genome sequencing for horses

20,000 genes
5.5 million variants
4 billion letters of DNA

Private, protected, encrypted and never shared without your permission. Guaranteed
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