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The only Anglo-Arabian genomic test in the world

Anglo-Arabian excellence

DNA driven health & performance

The Anglo-Arabian is a breed renowned for its stamina, athleticism, and spirit.  But within each horse lies a unique genetic blueprint that holds the key to their full potential.

Our comprehensive genomic test decodes this blueprint, revealing hidden strengths, predispositions, and ancestral lineage. This knowledge empowers you to personalize training, implement preventative healthcare strategies, and make informed breeding decisions that promote your Anglo-Arabian’s well-being and competitive success.

  • Optimize Performance
  • Protect Future Generations from disease
  • Ancestry and heritage
  • Tailored Training
  • Informed Breeding​
  • Base color plus white patterns
  • Advanced inbreeding genomics​
  • Increase the breeding value of your horse
  • Updated markers as they become available
  • Easy Testing Process


Discover all of your Anglo-Arabian's DNA

The Anglo Arabian VGnome

Standard DNA Testing

Anglo-Arabian disease genes

Performance markers for flat racing and endurance


Base color variants

All known white patterns


Ancestry: DNA from Throughbred & Arabian lines


Genomic inbreeding coefficient


Chromosome level homozygosity for preservation


Breed specific report and test


Updated gene markers as soon they are discovered


One test for the entirety of your horse’s life


World-leading genomics knowledge


Explore the Anglo-Arabian VGnome

Your Anglo-Arabian has Distinctive DNA

Discover how your Anglo-Arabian harnesses energy sources for endurance races or shorter sprints, shedding light on their remarkable capability and reliance. Shaping their performance and revealing more of their ancestral past.​

Fine-tune your breeding strategies, make informed decisions for endurance selection, and enhance the overall value of your stud.

Protect Your Anglo-Arabian's Genetic Heritage

Ancestry: Discover the thoroughbred and Arabian genes inherited by your Anglo-Arabian to understand whether their DNA is more thoroughbred or Arabian.

Conservation: Evaluate the genomic inbreeding coefficient for your horse’s health and breed conservation – surpassing traditional pedigree records.​

Preservation: Unlock chromosome-level insights that influence fertility, disease susceptibility, and inform your breeding choices.​

Stamp out disease

There are only 13 known genetic diseases to affect Anglo-Arabians. Don’t waste your money paying for more. Get clear results for registration, breeding, and selling your Anglo-Arabians – as well as helping to conserve the breed.​

Uncover all known Anglo Arabian color variants

The Anglo-Arabian VGnome is the only test that gives you results for your horse’s base color, all 35 white gene variants, and color breeding indications. ​

Breed better for color, uncover their colour DNA, and discover whether your Anglo-Arabian has any of the rare white markers influencing patterning.​

Updated results pushed to you in hours

Remember when there were only three known Arabian genetic diseases, then the variant for occipitoatlantoaxial malformation was discovered needing further testing and expense?​

Every year new DNA variants are discovered for health, performance, ancestry, and color. When these are published anywhere, only the Arabian VGnome can give you new results without further testing.

Anglo-Arabian testing with results specific to the breed, without any irrelevant DNA markers

Click to check our case study

Click to check our case study

The most advanced equine DNA testing

The Anglo-Arabian VGnome is the only equine product to use whole genome sequencing. Powered by the world’s largest database of whole genome sequenced Anglo-Arabians, all of your Anglo-Arabian’s DNA is tested.

No need for additional gene testing, and updates are delivered within hours for the latest Anglo-Arabian discoveries.

85x more

Anglo-Arabian VGnome


Current DNA Testing


1M 2M 3M 4M 5M 6M

Number of gene variants


85x more


Current DNA Testing


1M 2M 3M 4M 5M 6M

Number of gene variants


Tailored for your Anglo-Arabian

For owners, breeders, trainers and agents who seek excellence in their Arabian breeding program, whether for health, performance, color or any other specific needs. 

Engage Victory Genomics to sequence the DNA of your horses.​

Working with your team, visiting your farm as needed, this custom service tailors analysis and recommendations to your specific needs giving you access to world-leading genomics experts. ​

Helping you with:

  • Performance enhancements
  • Ancestry and heritage
  • Breeding and matching
  • Horse training
  • Disease and injury discovery
  • Sudden death
  • Bloodline preservation & fertility
  • Color

And any other needs you may have

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