Harness the power of your horse's DNA

Unparalleled whole genome coverage

The whole equine genome at your fingertips

A personalized and preemptive approach to equine health, training and nutrition.

Thanks to the depth of data provided by whole genome sequencing, optimizing your horse’s health and welfare has never been easier.

Using a sophisticated bioinformatics pipeline and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI), Victory Genomics offers the most comprehensive genetic testing solution for horses on the market today.

Individual test results are consolidated into an easy-to-interpret report with breed-specific insights and advice from our team of geneticists, horses trainers and veterinarians.

Victory Genomics is the most advanced equine genomic testing system available. 


One test – for a lifetime

Once a horse’s genome is tested, we can reanalyze the genetic code as new data becomes available and provide new insights down the line. 

We keep you on the cutting edge of equine technology so you can practice proactive care.

There is no need to take further genetic tests or send in another DNA sample. One investment lasts a lifetime. 

Gain insights you can capitalize on

  • Detection of future performers
  • Trainability and behavioural traits
  • Fracture and muscle injury risk
  • Estimated height
  • Natural athletic ability
  • Genetic disease
  • Precision matchmaking
  • Breeding and fertility
  • Assessment of genetic diversity
  • Pedigree and ancestry
  • Muscle development
  • Genetic movement patterns

Intuitive. Intelligent. Indisputable

Until recently, it was not possible to read your horse’s entire genome quickly and cost-effectively.

The VGnome is an exciting disruptive technology that provides owners, breeders and trainers with unique insights about the genetic health and performance potential of their horses. 

It is the most comprehensive form of equine DNA sequencing available today.

Unlike other equine DNA testing companies that analyze 0.1% of the genome, we analyze ALL the protein-coding genes and even the areas in between genes (known as non-coding DNA). The benefits are indisputable. 

Performance, Utility, and Implementation

Advancements in whole genome technology have made it easier than ever for owners to take a proactive role in their horse’s health.

Whole genome testing offers the promise of a more effective diagnosis and treatment of equine disease.

Since not all genetic diseases in horses are easily diagnosed,  full genome testing can help diagnose complex and unsolved cases and help accelerate the development of new treatments in the future.

More than just a DNA test for horses

Most equine DNA tests on the market examine only specific regions of your horse’s DNA, but do not examine the entire gene set, DNA tests are usually cheaper and faster, but they produce less information. 

At Victory Genomics, we sequence the entire equine genome to provide a more complete picture of your horse’s health and potential. The information is then presented in an easy-to-read personalized report that you can refer back to again and again.

Avoid the trial-and-error approach

Full genome testing can help determine and identify different variables that may affect equine athletic performance and racing success.

With a better understanding of how a horse’s genes impact behaviour, growth, and development, owners can choose the most suitable discipline, identify the best age to start training and predict the consequences of known and unknown genetic variants.

Performance prediction

In horses, performance traits are determined by genes and environmental factors, or a combination of both.

By sequencing a horse’s genome, it is possible to predict movement patterns, muscle fibre development, disposition and wither height. 

Variants of certain genes (including MSTN and DMRT3) have been associated with elite athletic performance in horses. In contrast, variations such as CRISP3, SPATA1 and INHBA, have been associated with pregnancy rates in broodmares.

Disease risk

Genetic variations can cause chronic illness, disability, and even premature death in horses.

Using the latest scientific evidence and veterinary standards, it is now possible to pinpoint the origin of rare genetic diseases and undiagnosed mystery conditions with the highest level of certainty. 

Whole genome testing can be used to diagnose, monitor, treat, and even eradicate known diseases in breeding populations.

Furthermore, a proper genetic evaluation of breeding horses can ensure foals are born with desirable physical and behavioural traits in the future.

Victory Genomcis Thoroughbred Horse

Working for your horse

Genes can influence a horse in a variety of ways.

One gene may determine a trait (like extra muscle mass), or multiple genes may contribute to it (like height or jumping ability).

Some genes can even override each other, masking an influence like coat color dilution.

Genetic testing can be used to screen horses for specific health conditions that would pose a risk to a breeding program.

In the past, luck was the key ingredient to breeding a high quality horse, but our science-backed equine genomic testing solution can increase the odds.

Demystifying Color

The color of your next foal doesn’t need to be determined by a roll of the dice.

Despite their usefulness, pedigrees are only estimates of a horse’s genetic makeup.

Whole genome testing helps interpret  complex color genetics to breed foals of a specific color.

Furthermore, by identifying at-risk genotypes, breeders can avoid sick foals, neonatal deaths and lost pregnancies.

Certified Data

Blending genomics with horse expertise, our international team of veterinarians, trainers, geneticists, bioinformaticians, developers, and software engineers provide intuitive solutions approved for clinical-grade diagnostic purposes.

Letters of horse DNA

Genes analyzed

Millions of genetic variations

Samples sequenced 30x for accuracy

No other company offers this level of testing. Period.

Putting it all together

The Victory Genomics breed-specific report is an instruction manual for your horse’s life.

Each report includes

  • Personalized breed-specific results
  • A 360-degree view of your horse’s entire genome, readily available for future testing requirements
  • Screening for gene variants that might be missed with a more traditional DNA testing approach
  • Potential gene mutations that may benefit from follow-up in the future
  • Important health and performance data


  • Pharmagenics
  • Veterinary
  • Racing 
  • Showing
  • Breeding
  • Equine welfare
  • Ancestry
  • Color 
  • Endurance
  • Polo

As we discover more, you do too.

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