The Arabian VGnome

5.5 million genetic variants tested, every equine gene, every single piece of DNA. The Arabian VGnome tests the entire genome, not just a handful of genes, meaning you never need your horse’s genes tested ever again.

What you get?

  • Clear results, not just meaningless letter that you have to interpret.
  • Distinctive DNA – a unique Arabian genetic marker that influences endurance and racing ability.
  • Ancestry profile. Follow the story of your horse’s genetic history through the ages and see the influence of both thoroughbred and Arabian genes on your horse
  • Genomic inbreeding coefficient for breed conservation and preservation.
  • Testing for all known genetic diseases for Arabians – no need to go elsewhere.
  • Colour genes, including patterns and dilutions to enhance your breeding program
  • Breeding recommendations based on genotype.
  • Coming soon: Performance insights and recommendations based on your horse’s unique genetic profile. This includes aerobic capacity, best discipline, ability to adapt to difference distances, and much more.
  • Every single bit of DNA of your horse analyzed – the most complete test on the market – to complement your knowledge of pedigree and your horses.

As new Arabian genetic variants become available, we can push the results for your horse to you, without the need for retesting, as your test already includes the whole genome sequencing of your horse.


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    Distinctive DNA

    By analyzing performance traits in Arabian horses, we can help trainers identify horses with the potential to excel in specific disciplines.

    Knowing whether your horse has this marker can inform your breeding decisions. Knowing which of the three distinctive markers your stallion or broodmare has adds value to your breeding program, through your horse’s distinctive DNA, which can be passed on to their foals.

    VG Solitaire has the rare ACOX1 ‘T’ variant, seldom seen in Arabians, for better gallop performance over shorter distances. First seen in Polish lines, this variant is associated with Arabian flat race performance, and increased earnings over a racing career.

    There is a 50% chance of this variant being passed to her foals

    Arabian Breed Ancestry

    The Victory Genomics ancestry test for Arabian horses has come at a crucial time in the breed’s history, providing breeders with a tool to ensure that their horses meet Bedouin standards of authenticity and purity, while helping to conserve the breed.

    The VGnome Ancestry is the most comprehensive ancestry and inbreeding coefficient analysis for Arabian horses available today. It traces the genetic legacy of each horse through generations and assesses each lineage’s contribution to the genetic diversity and health of the breed today by mapping all 32 chromosomes, covering all 5.5 million genes.

    Breed heritage

    Observe the DNA relationship between your Arabian, Arabians of different types, and other ancient, native Middle Eastern breeds.

    Preservation: safeguard the future by understanding the past

    Owners and breeders can use the results to determine genetic bottlenecks or changes that have occurred in certain strains or populations over time and assess the impact of selective breeding practices on the genetic makeup of the breed.

    More accurate than pedigree inbreeding coefficients

    Our ancestry test provides an accurate and precise measure of an individual horse’s genetic makeup and can show owners the exact amount of DNA a horse has inherited from its ancestors.

    Make sound breeding decisions

    A high genomic inbreeding value can damage your breeding program, the health of your foal, and the preservation of a strain or lineage, manifesting as infertility, disease, or lack of performance.

    Disease risk

    Identifying horses at risk for genetic conditions can help to prevent the development of severe and even lethal conditions. Both breeders and owners can benefit from this information since they can avoid producing affected offspring.

    Genetic diseases tested

    All known Arabian genetic diseases are tested, including those required by Arabian breed associations.

    These include:

    • Cerebellar abiotrophy
    • Severe combined immunodeficiency
    • Lavender foal syndrome
    • Occipitoatlantoaxial malformation
    • Type 1 Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy

    As the Arabian VGnome tests the entirety of your Arabian’s genome, and all the genes, it means any future discoveries of Arabian inherited diseases are available without the need for retest your horse.

    Should you wish to cross your Arabian with another breed, we can also tell you whether your Arabian carries a gene variant that might affect other breeds.


    Although many genes influence coat color in horses, there are just three genes that create the recognized colors of purebred Arabian horses. By testing for coat color heritability, Arabian horse breeders can build on their knowledge of genetics and apply it to breeding selections, horse care and management.

    The Arabian VGnome includes:

    • Genetic base coat color
    • The variants that make up this colour
    • All 5 KIT gene variants currently observed in Arabians that influence white patterns
    • The only DNA test to include all rare 34 KIT genes, which influence white patterns and markings
      Potential breeding outcomes

    Ready to find out more about your horse?

    • Evidence-based and actionable recommendations on breeding and training from our team of experts    
    • Unparalleled whole genome coverage and one of the most extensive ranges of genetic variants in a single test.  
    • Uniform coverage of the entire nuclear genome (>20,000 genes) and mitochondrial genome, with >97% of the genome covered at ≥10x.  
    • The only genetic testing company that provides a comprehensive multi-page report on an individual horse to guide health, training, breeding, and welfare decisions now and in the future.
    • It is as easy as mailing a postcard, thanks to our pre-paid packaging kit.
    • Your horse’s data is only available to you and is banked securely in the VG (Victory Genomics) Database.  

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