Paint Your Heart’s Desire

Color is not just visual appearance. It is a powerful emotional connection between horse and owner AND the result of a complex interplay between genes.

What if you understood the origin of coat color?

With VGnome, you can do just that.

The Call for Color 

For centuries, assessing horse color was based on physical apperance. Gentic testing enhances this knowledge. Whether you need accurate color classification for breed registration, legal or health records. Or you’re breeding for cerain colors and patterns. Perhaps you want to know more about your horse or why your foal is a surprising color.

VGenome reveals your horse’s color inheritance – and what can be passed on.

What you get

Decoding of your horse’s color genes with VGnome

Explanation of the genes that determine your horse’s color

See VG Matchmaking to predict a foal’s coat colors based on the VGnome of stallion and mare 

Back to Base Colors 

Multiple genes, each with myriad possibilities, interact to produce the base colors of black, bay or chestnut. A chestnut horse can produce an all-black foal — with the right match. Bay can produce black. Black to chestnut. The palette is near endless.

With VGnome reveal your horse’s base color

Black Beauty

Majestic. Highly Prized. Pure Black gold. Stunning all black, including the mane, tail, and points. The rarest of colors, especially in Arabians, with an almost mystic fascination across the world.  

Vibrant Bay

Rich ruddy brown, with a contrasting black mane, tail, and points. Bays are optimistic, even sanguine. Durable and true with a reputation for longer racing careers.   

Warm Chestnut

Reddish-brown across body, mane, and tail. Folklore believes chestnuts to be vigilant and watchful. Indeed, one view is that chestnuts mature faster than bays and are more likely to win races at an earlier age.

Gentle Grays

A color transformation with age. Gray horses start life with a colorful coat that will change to gray or sometimes rose-gray. Arabians turn gray quicker than most. They do carry a risk of melanoma with age and have reduced life expectancy.  Testing for the “gray gene” means you can avoid passing on this risk to the next generation. 

Blend Genes. For a rich Palette of Color


Mix Genes – Paint your Heart’s Desire  

A foal’s color is inherited from the genome of both the stallion and mare.  With the VG-Color Panel of both parents, choose breeding pairs to help blend your perfect color. 

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