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    [group AbnormalityofBlood]

    Abnormality of Blood


    [group Orthopedic]

    Orthopedic / Lameness


    [group muscleDisease]

    Muscle disease


    [group metabolismEndocrineSystem]

    Metabolism/ Endocrine system


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    [group PerinatalOrBirthIssues]

    Perinatal or Birth Issues


    [group cardiovascularSystem]

    Cardiovascular System


    [group digestiveSystem]

    Digestive System


    [group genitourinarySystem]

    Genitourinary System


    [group immuneSystem]

    Immune System


    [group SkinDermatology]

    Skin/ Dermatology


    [group nervousSystem]

    Nervous System


    [group respiratorySystem]

    Respiratory System


    [group cancerNeoplasmTumors]

    Cancer/ Neoplasm/ Tumors


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