Thoroughbred VGNome™ BLACK

A DNA Check-up 

From diagnosing genetic disease to getting a clean bill of health  

Oidentifying healthy horses that could pass diseases to their foal 

VGnome does it all 

Comprehensive testing. Expertise you can trust 


Victory Genomics 

Certified Health 

Whether for registration, breeding, or peace of mind, Victory Genomics can certify your horse free of any inherited genetic disease. We also tell you if your horse carries the mutation for a disease and the chances of passing it on. 

Testing by Breed 

It’s in the Bloodline 

Different breeds are prone to different diseases. Get relevant results tailored for your horse. Or test for all diseases if you’re planning to crossbreed or suspect your horse isn’t purebred.

Inheriting Disease 

Shake off Illness! 

“Prevention is better than cure”. Make informed breeding choices to reduce or even negate the likelihood of an ill foal. Have a desirable bloodline. Stamp out disease. 


Mysterious Symptoms? 

Explain the enigma with VGnome. When your horse has unexplained symptoms and no firm diagnosis, VG-Health can rule in, or rule out, common inherited diseases, guiding your vet. Early intervention often equals improved prognosis, treatment, and quality of life. 


Still no diagnosis?

Engage with Victory Genomics for custom disease discovery. 

Our Tests

Down with Disease 

Awesome Arabians

Test for the four most common inherited diseases in Arabians. Arabian breed associations across the world recommend testing for these diseases. 

Find out whether your Arabian carries the genetic mutations that can cause disease. Then, make smart breeding choices to protect the next generation of Arabian foals. 

Cerebellar abiotrophyLavender foal syndrome
Occipitoatlantoaxial malformationSevere combined immunodeficiency disease

Precious Thoroughbreds 

Our comprehensive inherited genetic disease panel geared toward Thoroughbreds. Testing for these conditions can guide diagnosis of mysterious symptoms, determine genetic disease, and inform breeding choices. 

Androgen insensitivity syndromeCerebellar abiotrophy
Hereditary equine regional dermal astheniaHoof wall separation syndrome
HydrocephalusHyperkalemic periodic paralysis
Immune‐mediated myositisMalignant hyperthermia
MyotoniaOcular squamous cell carcinoma
Overo Lethal White SyndromeWarmblood fragile foal syndrome

All-breed Disease Panel 

Our complete test for inherited genetic diseases across all breeds for total peace of mind. Useful for cross breeds or when considering a cross breed. 

Androgen insensitivity syndromeCerebellar abiotrophy
Dwarfism, ACANDwarfism, Friesian
Foal immunodeficiency syndromeGlycogen branching enzyme deficiency
Hereditary equine regional dermal astheniaHoof wall separation syndrome
HydrocephalusHyperkalemic periodic paralysis
Immune‐mediated myositisIncontinentia Pigmenti
Junctional epidermolysis bullosa (JEB1)Junctional epidermolysis bullosa (JEB2)
Lavender Foal SyndromeMalignant hyperthermia
MyotoniaNaked foal syndrome
Occipitoatlantoaxial malformationOcular squamous cell carcinoma
Overo Lethal White SyndromePolysaccharide storage myopathy
Severe combined immunodeficiency diseaseWarmblood fragile foal syndrome
Multiple Congenital Ocular Anomalies