Anglo-Arabian Endurance and Health

Two Horses. Unlimited Possibilities 

Unlock the genetic potential of both mare and stallion to create the foal of your dreams  

For millennia, horse breeding has followed a simple mantra: “Breed the best to the best and hope for the best. But only rarely is the resulting foal a champion. Mostly, the foal is ordinary or occasionally is terribly sick. With VGnome, transform horse breeding with data-driven science to produce the foals of your dreams.

Precision matchmaking 

  1. Identifythe traits that are most important to you – color, performance, optimizing health, minimizing disease or some combination 
  2. We decode the VGnomeof your horse or breeding pair 
  3. Wepredict the likelihood of desired traits and the risk of undesired traits. 
  4. Have a horse in need of a partner? Coming soon -VG-DB, our database of horses for a match 

Not a gray area. Get the coat you really want


Instead of guessing and hoping, with VGnome, we know what color combinations are possible and the likelihood of obtaining a specific coat color in the foal. Want a specific color? Focus on breeding pairs that maximize the chance of a foal with your dream color. 

Peak Potential. No regrets


Breeding for performance can be unpredictable, risky, and expensive. With VGnome, select horses that maximize championship potential based on DNA sequences present in the stallion and mare. Take advantage of horses that may underperform in racing but could produce championship foals. 


No more broken hearts


Your horse is a deep investment – time, money, love, passion. Watching a horse suffer from debilitating genetic diseases is heartbreaking. Unfortunately, genetic diseases are far too common and current horse breeding strategies only accentuate the problem. By identifying the disease genes with VGnome, breed horses and produce foals free of known genetic diseases.