Anglo-Arabian Endurance and Health

One Test. Massive Potential

Eliminate the guesswork on key racing factors with our comprehensive breakdown of inherited traits like adaptability to early training, ideal age for first race, optimal race length, and lifetime earnings.  

  • Personalized training plan based on your horses VGnome
  • Breeding guidance for future champions.
  • Optional one-to-one VIP consultation with a member of our team to explain results

One Test. Massive Potential

Top of the Class Starts with Training


Some horses respond better to training at an earlier age. Intelligent and quick, they are soon ahead of their peers. Others can be just as successful but need more time to mature. And some key genes influence trainability differently in fillies than in colts. 

Use VGnome to optimize a training start that best suits your horse. 

Going the Distance

Optimal Race Length 

Sprint. Distance. Endurance. Different horses are built for different race lengths. We sort through multiple genes that influence the best race length. With VGnome, train your horse for races that go the right distance. 

Running that First Race


Does your foal hold the potential to successfully start racing as a two year oldIdentify which horses are primed for an early start and a longer racing career to maximize lifetime wins.  


Bring Home the Winnings

Lifetime Earnings 

Some horses earn more than others. The ability to earn prize money is complex, guided by race selection, jockey ability, and training methods. But in elite horses, lifetime winnings are also encoded in DNAWith VGnomefocus your training efforts on horses with an inherited advantage to finish in the money. 

Open up further genetic potential 


Producing Future Champs


Performance traits in a foal are inherited from the genome of both the stallion and mare. With the VG Performance Panel for both parentsfind well-matched breeding pairs that give you the advantage in your next foal.  


Updates for Your Horse

Lifelong data 

At Victory Genomics we dont stand still. We actively gather performance data from winners…and losers. Doing so, enables us to discover new performance traits that aren’t known today. With VGnome, we can keep generating new knowledge about your horse, with no further samples needed, to keep you on the cutting edge