Breed, buy, and train a better racehorse

You love owning, breeding, selecting, training, and racing thoroughbreds.

Yet breeding the best to best doesn’t always work out. Pedigrees are powerful, without guaranteed results. ​Conformation and an expert eye are invaluable, but time and money are still wasted on yearlings that don’t perform, or training horses that don’t race well.

  • Physiology markers for performance​
  • Muscle fiber profiling for distance​
  • Explosive power for sprinting​
  • Adaptation to the stress of training​
  • Best racing age and distance​
  • Advanced inbreeding genomics​
  • Breeding recommendations​
  • Welfare, injury risk, and health​
  • Post-racing career opportunities
  • Updated markers as they become available


The Thoroughbred VGnome your gateway to unrivaled success

Make better breeding matches, train for strengths and weaknesses, more accurate race selection with just one test.

Get all the DNA of your prized horse, with results and recommendations packaged into a unique, actionable report.

Tailored Farm-Wide Services Take winning to a new level

Unique and exclusive to elite owners, breeders, trainers, and bloodstock agents who seek excellence in thoroughbred horse racing, where the smallest advantage can lead to victory.​

Engage Victory Genomics to sequence the DNA of your racing stock.​

Working with your team, visiting your farm as needed, this bespoke service tailors analysis and recommendations to your specific needs giving you access to world-leading genomics experts. ​

Helping you farm-wide with:

  • Breeding and matching
  • Buying yearling and older horses
  • Horse training capability
  • Disease and injury discovery
  • Sudden death
  • Performance enhancements
  • Bloodline preservation
  • Post-career suitability

And any other needs you may have

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Be First Past the Post

Optimized Breeding Strategies: Produce exceptional foals with a higher potential for success.​

Identifying Talent Early: Uncover the physical abilities of your racehorses before they start training.​

Optimize Training: Early years’ knowledge means training decisions that build strengths.​

Minimize Risk: Make informed decisions about which horses to invest, reducing time and money put into underperforming prospects.​

Stay Ahead of the Competition: Gain an advantage by understanding your horse’s genetic strengths and weaknesses.​

Preserve Bloodlines: For elite breeders, genomic testing can help preserve valuable bloodlines for a lasting legacy.​

Champion Welfare: Reduce disease, injury, and stress. Find the the ideal post-racing career for your horses. ​

The world’s only whole genome sequencing for thoroughbreds​

Get Ahead of the Competition

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