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Get an additional edge with the Thoroughbred VGnome

Breed, buy, and train a better racehorse

You love owning, breeding, selecting, training, and racing thoroughbreds.

Yet breeding the best to best doesn’t always work out. Pedigrees are powerful, without guaranteed results. ​

Conformation and an expert eye are invaluable, but time and money are still wasted on yearlings that don’t perform, or training horses that don’t race well.

  • Physiology markers for performance​
  • Muscle fiber profiling for distance​
  • Explosive power for sprinting​
  • Adaptation to the stress of training​
  • Best racing age and distance​
  • Advanced inbreeding genomics​
  • Breeding recommendations​
  • Welfare, injury risk, and health​
  • Post-racing career opportunities
  • Updated markers as they become available


Use the Thoroughbred VGnome for

Yearling selection

Future owners and bloodstock agents know the importance of pedigree, conformation, and an expert eye. Add to your insights with the results of several DNA markers influencing muscle mass and muscle fiber type from birth. This gives you an additional tool for choosing the type of racer you need.


The Thoroughbred VGnome reveals genetic variants that express proteins in different ways to influence the physiology of all racehorses. These influence the amount of explosive muscle, how quickly glycogen is burned, leading to race and training fatigue, as well as the best distance for the horse, and more.

Breeding strategies

For centuries, breeding has been breed the best to the best to produce the best. While pedigrees are extraordinarily valuable and powerful, the best dam and sires often don’t produce great racehorses. Get key genetic performance markers of dam and sire, for more accurate breeding matches.

Early years' training

Some thoroughbreds adapt to the stresses of training at a young age. Others need time and careful management. This means some horses are more able to race at an early age. These behavioral and physical gene variants show you which horses are ready for the rigors of early training and racing.

Health and injury

Get the results for all known thoroughbred genetic diseases, for disease variants that could be passed to the foal. As the genetic causes of more diseases are found, we update you with these results. The same applies to injury, with markers for fracture risk, and, in the future, ligament damage.

Post career steps

Racehorses have more to offer after their flat-racing career. They can transition to steeplechase, eventing, or to sports. Knowing the gene variants that influence your horse’s build, physiology, movement, and endurance helps with their next step, ensuring future years of success and welfare.

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Tailored for your racehorses

For owners, breeders, trainers, and bloodstock agents who seek excellence in thoroughbred horse racing, where the smallest advantage can lead to victory.​

Engage Victory Genomics to sequence the DNA of your racing stock.​

Working with your team, visiting your farm as needed, this custom service tailors analysis and recommendations to your specific needs giving you access to world-leading genomics experts. ​

Helping you farm-wide with:

  • Breeding and matching
  • Buying yearling and older horses
  • Horse training capability
  • Disease and injury discovery
  • Sudden death
  • Performance enhancements
  • Bloodline preservation
  • Post-career suitability

And any other needs you may have

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Owning, breeding, selecting, and training a racehorse is a high stakes affair

Get Ahead of the Competition

The VGnome

Standard DNA Testing

Matching breeding pairs for performance


Yearling physiology results for focused training


Projected career and race type


Money and time savings for buying, training, and racing


True inbreeding coefficient


Updated gene markers as soon they are discovered


One test for the entirety of your horse’s life


World-leading genomics knowledge


Farm-wide tailored analytics & discovery for your horses


Working with, not against, your trainer’s expertise


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