More than a horse…

the exceptional Arabian

Since our inception we’ve focused on one thing: the extraordinary genetic heritage of the Arabian breed forged across centuries.

Greatness lies at the heart of our genomic testing for Arabians, providing unparalleled insights that unlock the Distinguished DNA within every Arabian…and farm.

Honor the past, embrace the future

This is not just about testing; it’s about embracing the future. Rigorous tradition and cutting-edge biotech working together. Ancient horse knowledge meets groundbreaking genomic testing. Our advanced testing platform unlocks the secrets held within your horse’s DNA, providing an unprecedented level of insight for discerning owners like you.

Uniquely focused on Arabians

Straight Egyptian, Crabbet, Polish, Andalusian, desert-bred, or Asil? FEI3 endurance, flat-racing, show, or color? Only Victory Genomics focusses on the pure Arabian breed….and all its types. Powered by the VGnome, MENA-focused, this is the only whole genome test in the world for Arabians.

An Expression of Purity

Pedigree represents a special lineage, a testament to centuries of careful buying and breeding. Yet, even the most meticulous records only tell part of the story. Genomic testing unveils the hidden depths of your Arabian’s ancestry, empowering you to understand its heritage with unprecedented clarity.

Precision breeding

As a perceptive owner, you recognize that exceptional Arabians are a product of meticulous planning, centuries of tradition, and a touch of good fortune. Our genomic testing platform empowers you to fine-tune that good fortune, transforming your breeding program with unparalleled precision.

  • Uncover the subtle genetic variations that influence performance and health. Make informed decisions that shape generations of champions.
  • Gain insights into potential health risks, empowering you to implement proactive care strategies that safeguard your valuable bloodlines.
  • Target specific coat colors, including the elusive pure black, with increased accuracy and confidence.
  • Scientifically analyze the compatibility of potential mates, identifying combinations with the highest potential for athletic excellence.

A century of DNA experience

Our global team has pushed the boundaries of genomic discovery while publishing hundreds of studies with over 10,000 citations. Working at some of the world’s leading institutions from Oxford to Yale with a commitment to the remarkable. We’ve done this before, now let’s partner together.

Protect Your Priceless Investment

Conservation and welfare are crucial in preserving your breeding stock. High inbreeding leads to fertility and health problems, poor performance, increased injuries, and undesirable traits. Arabian genomic testing

Performance tailored to perfection

The finest Arabian foals aren’t just luck. Discerning owners and the finest trainers. A millennia of breeding. Centuries of noble pedigree. World-class facilities. The finest Arabians possess a legacy written in their very genes. Discover this legacy for performance perfection.

VGenius: exclusive to the select few

VGenius is like entering a private members’ club where only a few elite clients are received.  Our premium experience, where every client and Arabian is an honored guest. This is beyond DNA testing. Our team works with your staff to help tailor testing, analysis, breeding, buying, and training exclusively for your horses.

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