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The Thoroughbred VGNome™

How to breed a better and faster racehorse

Our Thoroughbred VGnome Report uses the most powerful genetic technology to give you recommendations based on your horse’s unique genes.

Unlike other equine genetic tests, we test the entirety of your horse’s genome, which means all of the DNA is analyzed, not just a small fraction. This enables us to give you future updates on new genetic findings without having to retest your horse.

We know that breeding a racehorse is a high-stakes affair. The VGnome can significantly boost the odds in your favor.  

What included in the VGnome Thoroughbred?

Inherited genetic disease risk

Identifies genetic markers for fifteen thoroughbred diseases and health conditions to prevent or manage these issues and stop them from appearing in future breeding programs.


This horse is a carrier of equine familial isolated hypoparathyroidism (EFIH). This genetic condition affects thoroughbred horses and is caused by a mutation in the gene that codes for the parathyroid hormone receptor, which plays a crucial role in regulating calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood.

Genetic diseases tested

  • Androgen insensitivity syndrome
  • Cerebellar abiotrophy
  • Equine familial isolated hypoparathyroidism
  • Warmblood fragile foal syndrome
  • Hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia
  • Hoof wall separation syndrome
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Immune-mediated myositis
  • Incontinentia pigmenti
  • Malignant hyperthermia
  • Myotonia
  • Ocular squamous cell carcinoma
  • Polysaccharide storage myopathy
  • Overo lethal white syndrome

Insightful breeding tips

Helps you stamp out genetic disease in your foals by identifying stallions and mares carrying disease-causing variants to ensure healthy foals with desirable performance traits result from a planned mating. 


This horse is a carrier of Equine familial isolated hypoparathyroidism (EFIH).  If this horse is bred to another carrier, the foal has a 50% chance of being affected by this life-threatening condition.

Heritage and Ancestry

Demonstrates your horse’s closest genetic relatives today and compares each strand of DNA to provide proof of lineage and accurate inbreeding coefficient information.


This horse comes from the historical family 9/ Vintner Mare line. According to Early Records of the Thoroughbred Horse [London: The Sportsman Office, 1924], the Vintner mare was black in color and was likely foaled sometime in the 1670s at the Lowther Stud. She won many races despite being used as a broodmare before the start of her racing career.

Racing Performance

Genetic factors and traits that can influence the performance and abilities of your horse including muscle development, energy consumption, metabolism, and behavioral traits such as willingness to learn and adaptability.

  • Muscle & Strength 
  • Speed & Muscle Composition 
  • Height 
  • Disposition and Adaptation to Early Training 
  • Training this Thoroughbred 
  • Best Race Age 
  • The Best Race Distance 
  • Injury Risk 
  • Aftercare 
  • Post Career Possibilities   

Post Racing Welfare

Genetic insights that delve deeper than any other test on the market, looking into how your horse’s body may function in training to help develop effective strategies for preventing and managing injuries during a horse’s racing and post-racing career.

  • Movement patterns. How the horse’s limbs function and interact with the ground during racing.  
  • Muscle and bone: How the horse’s bones and muscles work together to produce movement and generate force.  
  • Injury possibility: Areas of the horse’s body that may be at risk of injury due to excessive loading or inadequate shock absorption/ and training recommendations.  
  • Risks: Factors that may contribute to inefficiency in the movement, such as excessive energy expenditure. 


Ready to find out more about your Thoroughbred?

Evidence-based and actionable recommendations on breeding and training from our team of experts 

Unparalleled whole genome coverage and one of the most extensive ranges of genetic variants in a single test.
Coverage of the entire horse genome (>20,000 genes) at an industry leading depth of up to 90x, an average depth of 30x, and the highest level of coverage. This is the same level as the most up-to-date human genomics studies.

The only genetic testing company that provides a comprehensive multi-page report to guide health, training, breeding, and welfare decisions now and in the future.

Testing is as easy as mailing a postcard, thanks to our pre-paid packaging kit.

Your horse’s data is only available to you and is banked securely in the VG (Victory Genomics) Database. Anonymity and privacy are assured.

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