Anglo-Arabian VGNome 

All your horse’s genetic information in one test

Powered by the world’s largest genomic database for Arabians, thoroughbreds and Anglo-Arabians, the Anglo-Arabian VGnome helps you understand your horse’s genetic makeup from both lineages to customize care, breeding and training. 

Our test detects key genetic disorders and medical complications found in both Arabian and thoroughbred horses so you can proactively plan mating pairs and take the guesswork out of breeding a champion. From distinctive markings to colour traits, we dig into the “why” behind your horses’ physical features, because when it comes to equine health and performance, there is always more to know. 

Anglo-Arabian VGNome™

  • Anglo-Arabian diseases
  • Endurance report
  • Basic breeding implications
Features and technical Description
  • VGnome™ offers unparalleled whole genome coverage and captures one of the most extensive ranges of genetic variants in a single test.
  • Mean depth >30x
  • Uniform coverage of the entire nuclear genome (>20,000 genes) and mitochondrial genome, with >97% of the genome covered at ≥10x
  • Highly sensitive and specific detection of SNVs, InDels, SVs including CNVs, and mtDNA variants with heteroplasmy
  • CAP accredited sequencing services
  • Customized digital reporting portal
TAT (Business Days)
  • 35 days
Test requirement
  • Dry blood spot or hair follicle cards
  • Digital reports


International expertise like no other

Our meticulous quality control standards are comparable to those used in human genetics testing companies. 

While our competitors limit their study of horse genomics to a part of the genome, our Arabian VGnome looks at all the genes (over 20,000), and all the DNA (2.7 billion letters). There is just no comparison on the market today. Our meticulous quality control standards are comparable to those used in human genetics testing companies. 

Founded in scientific research

Our aim is to provide you with the best head start when it comes to your horse’s training, management, and breeding choices by filling in the blanks that are only visible through genetics. Every gene we test for has been certified by peer-reviewed research and analyzed by our expert bioinformatics team 


There’s always more to know

As we learn more, we can reanalyze your horse’s Arabian VGnome (no more samples needed!) to update you with additional information and recommendations. This means as new genetic knowledge is discovered we can push these findings about your horse to you, without further testing.


Your privacy is our priority

Your horse’s data is banked securely in the secured VG Database, readily available for future testing requirements to make proactive and informed decisions for your horse. Test results are kept confidential and held in an encrypted data vault and access to your results is only available via a password protected profile.

One Test

Massive Potential

Analysis of genes associated with known Anglo-Arabian diseases.

Genetic information may reveal the one key piece of evidence that solves an inexplicable medical anomaly, ensures a horse’s full recovery, or prevents the accidental breeding of a terminally ill foal. Not knowing which horses carry genetic diseases dramatically increases the risk of a diseased foal. Conversely, knowing that your horse is free of these specific disease genes means it can be bred to any horse, safe knowing that none of the genetic diseases will manifest at birth or later in life.

Personalized easy-to-read report

We analyze the entire genome of your horse – every single piece of DNA — and deliver what you need to know in an informative and sharable format complete with evidence based and actionable recommendations from our team of experts.  The report, online and printable, comprehensively explains what each test result means, recommends treatment and prevention options and lays out the implications of breeding a carrier or affected horse

Expert customer service

We have dedicated years to building the world’s largest genomic database for Anglo-Arabian horses, and our global team of genetic experts actively gathers performance data from winners and losers to analyze elite performers from the past and present. In doing so, we can examine exciting genetic traits, and discover new variants that are currently unknown. We compare your Anglo-Arabian horse’s genetic makeup with verified samples in our database to identify similar patterns

Find performance enhancing genes

The key reason for horses being withdrawn from endurance is unsatisfactory performance. This is closely followed by illness, injury, and behavioral problems. By testing for performance and behavioral traits before your horse begins training, you can understand whether your horse is genetically disposed to race successfully or not, and how training and genetic factors can interact to produce a winner.

Identification of specific color-influencing genes

The right genes can dictate a potential foal’s health, coat color and markings.  Whether you wish to breed a specific coat color or need to determine accurate color classification for breed registration, the Anglo-Arabian VGnome can pull up all the important genetic data needed to evaluate unique characteristics and potentials for your next planned mating.

Genome snapshot ready for future testing requirements

The Anglo-Arabian VGnome is not a pass-or-fail test; it is an evaluation of an individual horse’s genetic code based on state-of-the-art knowledge. The information provided in each horse’s report is a blueprint that can suggest the best training practices and assist in informed breeding decisions now and in the future. As new data becomes available, this genetic code can be reanalyzed to give more performance and health benefits.

Breeding support

Breeding a quality Anglo-Arabian horse is a high-stakes affair and stud transactions often involve significant sums of money. We can certify whether your horse is free of any inherited genetic disease and inform you if your horse carries a genetic mutation that can be passed on to its offspring, protecting everyone from disappointment down the road.