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All your horse’s genetic information in one test

Powered by the world’s largest genomic database for Arabians, the Arabian VGnome helps you understand your horse’s genetic makeup to customize care, breeding and training.

Our test detects key genetic disorders and medical complications found in Arabian horses so you can proactively plan mating pairs and take the guesswork out of breeding a champion. From distinctive markings to color traits, we dig into the “why” behind your horses’ physical features, because when it comes to the equine health and performance, there is always more to know.



Hack your thoroughbred’s genome

Every thoroughbred horse is born with a distinct and unchangeable genetic blueprint that affects performance in different ways. Your thoroughbred’s genome can predict whether they will build muscle quickly, burn energy efficiently, or develop a career impairing inheritable disease. It shows your horse’s muscle fiber type, allowing you to train for both weaknesses and strengths.

Some horses excel at sprinting, while others are better suited to long distance work. Understanding your horse’s DNA enables you to work with your horse’s genetic predispositions and develop their physical abilities to enhance training processes, understand recovery requirements and prevent injuries.