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Decoding the whole horse genome

The Genome

A Horse Instruction Manual

The genome is the entire instruction manual for a horse’s body. As an instruction manual, the genome dictates traits that are desirable or even elite, like speed, endurance, jumping ability, or certain colors.

Instructions in the horse’s genome can make muscles larger, burn energy more efficiently, or determine the shape of bones that enhance beauty or determine gait. Errors in the genome can cause illnesses known as genetic diseases. The genomes of a stallion and mare combine to form the genome of a foal, mixing the instructions and traits of each parent in a complex way.

The letters that make up the genome are encoded in DNA, and the horse’s genome is huge – 2.7 billion letters. Those 2.7 billion letters encode 20,000 genes which dictate how a horse’s body behaves. By reading the horse’s genome, we can understand how DNA sequences relate to traits. However, until recently, there was no technology available to read 2.7 billion letters of DNA quickly and cost effectively.

Reading The Manual

Whole Genome Sequencing

Victory Genomics uses the latest technological advancements for whole genome sequencing, which allows us to read all the letters in DNA, the entire instruction manual, the whole genome. We already know a lot about the horse’s genome. We know genes that dictate a horse’s coat color and pattern. We know genes that cause genetic diseases. We even know genes that confer racing ability and performance. And, by understanding the genomes of your stallion and mare, we can predict these traits in foals. The VGnome can give horse owners all this information today.

Interpreting the manual


But the letters of DNA are like a code that we have not fully deciphered – yet. By collecting detailed data on a horse’s traits and correlating that to its whole genome, we are making new discoveries on how the genome influences traits such as behavior, health, disease, performance, and much more. And that’s what you get with the VGnome: the most thorough interpretation of whole horse genome sequencing available. With just one test, we can bring invaluable knowledge to horse owners, breeders, trainers, and enthusiasts, now and in the future.


One Test Today and Tomorrow

While many companies provide genetic testing, Victory Genomics is different. We don’t limit our analysis to a handful of DNA sequences that relate to a few diseases or traits. Instead, we generate more usable information about your horse than any other company. Then we dig deeper to discover DNA sequences that define traits that are simply not known today. At the same time, we are committed to translating complex genome science into reports that are simple, easy to understand, and actionable.

With Victory Genomics, you have a lasting relationship. We are the horse health and performance company that uses the VGnome to decipher the horse’s genome. We can provide key genomic information about your horse today, and as we gain new insights, we can share those discoveries with you in the future.

Put your horses’ genes to work for them — for a lifetime.